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Bearcats volleyball salvage one win

from Clark tourney

by Emre K. Erku



The Webster Area volleyballers’ defense was a bit busier than their offensive counterparts at the Clark Tourney Sept. 9.

Collecting a whopping 186 total dig attempts, helped the Cats notch one win out of four bouts.

Game one

De Smet was the Cats’ first test, and although they kept the second set close, they lost in two rounds, 25-16 and 27-25.

Bearcat sophomore Janessa Storley led the way in serving, going seven of seven. Behind her was sophomore Kaelyn Somsen, connecting for six of seven attempts with one ace. Sophomore Abbie Richie stepped in, going five of five for one ace. As a team, the Cats locked in 32 of 37 serve attempts with six aces.

In setting, Richie recorded eight of 42 attempts with eight assists.

At the net, junior Sam Wagner went seven of seven in attacks while senior Madison Coester went six of seven. In total, the Cats went 30 of 45 in attacks with eight kills.

On the defensive end, Storley led the way in blocks, gathering three solos and two assists while senior Olivia Breske recorded one solo and two assists.

Leading diggers included Breske, who gained eight, and Storley, with six.

Game two

Game two would mark the first season win for Webster as they bested Great Plains Lutheran 25-20 and 25-23.

In serving, Somsen connected on 14 of 14 attempts. Meanwhile, Storley went five of five for two aces and Coester five of five. As a team, the Cats would go 39 of 44 with six aces.

In setting, Richie went 15 of 37 for 15 assists. The Cats would go 15 of 29 for 15 assists.

In attacks, Storley went 10 of 11 for six kills and Coester five of seven for three. As a team they’d go 38 of 49 for 18 kills.

On defense, Breske gathered 10 digs and Somsen six. The team compiled 30 of 38.

Brekse also gathered three solo blocks.

Game three

A good first set led to two bad ones for the Cats, as they suffered a 2-1 loss to Lake Preston. They won the first set 25-23, then lost 25-16 and 25-15.

Breske led her team in serves, gaining 12 of 13 for four aces. Right behind her was Somsen, going 10 out of 11. As a team they went 32 of 38 for five aces.

In setting, Richie went 14 of 18 for 14 assists. In total, the Cats went 14 of 23 for 14 assists.

On the attack, Storley spiked seven of seven attempts with seven kills while Breske went four of eight for four. As a team they went 29 of 38 for 15 kills.

In digs, Breske had eight and junior Sara Hemmingson six. The Cats went 23 of 30.

Breske gained three solo blocks with one assist. Junior Sam Wagner gained two solos.

Game four

Webster kept the first set tight, but it wasn’t enough as they lost their last game of the tourney to Florence/Henry, 25-23 and 25-17.

In serving, Breske and Hemmingson connected on 11 of 12 attempts with two aces. As a team they went 43 of 51 for six aces.

In setting, Richie went 57 of 58 for 11 assists. The Cats went 63 of 64 for 11 assists.

In attacks, Breske went 16 of 18 for four kills and Storley nine of 14 for five. As a team they went 56 of 74 for 13 kills.

Somsen and Breske gained 12 digs apiece.

Storley and Breske had two solos and two assisted blocks apiece.


Facing Deuel at Lake Preston, Webster would suffer a 3-1 loss, winning the first set 26-24 then losing 25-14, 25-20 and 27-25.

In serving, Karyssa Popham went 13 of 14 for one ace, Storley 11 of 12 for one and Mount 10 of 11. As a team, they’d collect three aces.

In attacks, Popham went 22 of 27 for seven kills, Breske 17 of 23 for 10 and Storley 11 of 19 for seven kills. The Bearcats recorded 32 total kills.

In setting, Richie went 13 of 60 for 13 assists and Mount 13 of 83 for 13.

In digs, Breske collected 11, Popham five, Storley and Somsen four apiece. As a team they had 26 digs.

In blocks, Breske had three solos and two assists, Richie two solos and five assists and Storley two solos.

Loss to Wilmot

Webster hosted Wilmot Sept. 12, and suffered a 3-0 loss – 25-18, 25-23 and 25-14

In serving, Mount went eight of eight and Somsen eight of 10 for one ace. As a team they went 40 of 45 for four aces.

In setting, Mount went 49 of 49 for seven assists and Richie 26 of 27 for four. The Cats went 76 of 83 for 12 assists.

In attacks, Breske went seven of nine for five kills and Popham seven of nine for three kills. As a team they went 33 of 46 for 11 kills.

Defensively, Breske gathered 10 digs and Somsen seven. The team totalled 29 out of 40 digs.

In blocks, Breske, Wagner and Coester collected two solos apiece.

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