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Mustang netters slam down for first win
of their opening season against Rosholt

by Emre K. Erku

It took them four matches, but the new Summit/Waubay co-op team traveled to Rosholt and won their first game of the 2015 season Aug. 27.

“The girls fought through adversity and pulled off a win,” said head coach Mary Breske. “We have a lot of potential. We just need to work on developing continually,”

The Mustangs took the first round 25-21, the second 29-27 and the fourth 27-25. They lost the third round 25-15.

In serving, Jenna Larson ­­­­was back in action, going 13 of 16, while teammates Shelby Ness went 13 of 15 and Jaclyn Bludorn 10 of 14. As a team the Mustangs served 66 of 82.
In setting, Ness put up of 42 of 53 with 17 assists, and Zoey O’Riley hoisted 26 of 34 with nine assists. The team went 76 of 96 for 28 assists.

In the killing zone, Kelsey Pearson hit 20-23 with 11 kills, while Nicolette Kneeland hit 19 of 21 for eight kills. Bludorn hit 17 of 19 for eight kills. The squad went 74 of 83 for 35 kills.
In the blocking department, Bludorn managed to barricade eight of 11 hits and Kneeland four of four. The team managed to go 24 of 25 in total.

Sacrificing their bodies to save some digs, Pearson stretched out for six out of eight saves, while Kneeland went five for seven and Larson four of four. The produced 21 of 25 digs as a team.

Waubay/Summit lost the B match 1-2.

Next contests
The Mustangs travel to Wilmot Sept. 3, host Aberdeen Roncalli in Waubay Sept. 8.

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