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Logan Storley: The future of a four time All-American

by Emre K. Erku

A long pictorial line of prodigy wrestlers hangs along the north wall of Webster’s armory.

Great names like Lesnar, Fosheim, Schiley, Larson and Bierschbach stand everlasting, retelling their stories over and over again to whomever passes by.

One of those distinguished grapplers, a young man by the name of Logan Storley, continues his saga. The University of Minnesota senior was recently named – for the fourth time – as an NCAA All-American. Although he placed fourth in the national tournament this year in St. Louis, the honor, he said, was well worth the work.

“As most people from Webster know, wrestling is kind of my thing,” Storley said. “I dedicated all my time in high school doing things that aren’t fun, but it definitely was worth it.”

These non-fun things, like swimming seemingly endless miles against the rough currents of a glacial lake or balancing on a floating log like a lumberjack, then lifting weights five times a week for nearly four months before beginning his collegiate career as a true freshman, are what Storley speaks of.

“I trained my butt off every summer,” he said.

Longtime Bearcat wrest-ling coach John Schiley, whom many Day County locals would agree is an honorary curator of Webster’s Wall-of-Fame, had coached the All-American since the Gopher student was just four years old. Schiley took Storley under his wing almost immediately after he noticed his untapped talent.

“Since he was little, it was his speed and his agility,” said Schiley. “He’s the last thing I created, but he’s my finest product.”

With a fiery attitude that gave the impression of total dedication and determination to the sport of wrestling, Schiley was able to push Storley to the fullest of his capabilities.

“John was my coach for my first 15 years of wrestling,” said Storley. “He has this attitude, for every match it was like I’m wrestling a state championship.”

Whether it was encouraging him to watch film of other wrestlers when Storley was a kid, or practicing mirror motion drills day in and day out, Schiley spent his time molding a future success.

“Logan is a result of several great wrestlers,” Schiley commented.

According to Storley, it has almost been 20 years he’s been hittin’ the mat, and being that his days in a Gopher uniform have set sail, change is on the horizon.

“MMA is the next thing in my future,” said Storley. “I’ve wrestled for the last 15 to 20 years. It’s time to move on.”

Mixed martial arts is what Storley refers to. Within a caged octagon under a glitter of spectators, using a combination of kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, tae kwan do and, of course, wrestling, two fighters go head-to-head for three rounds, with victory being accomplished by knockout, tapout or decision. Come summertime, Storley will travel to Phoenix to begin his training, and if he proves to be a success, he has an opportunity to join the ranks of fighting greats, like Georges St. Pierre, Fedor Emelianenko and the abominable Anderson Silva.

“The biggest thing, I’m going to go out there and compete at the highest level I can,” he exclaimed. “The plan is to get right into it.”

However, Storley did mention he’s going to fully relish in his time he has away from all the madness of sport. Now that his season’s over, he has a nice stretch of rest and relaxation.

“This is the first time in 10 years I’ll be able to enjoy no competition,” he revealed.
As for all the support he received over his years wrestling in the Twin Cities and the rest of the country, he paid tremendous respect to his roots.

“We had 75 to 80 people (Day County locals) at the Iowa dual,” he said. “You just don’t see that many people get in a van and drive four and a half hours like that. I didn’t get it in high school. Now, I really appreciate having such a backing. I’m thankful to say I come from Webster.”

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