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Webster Bearcat boys take

Ipswich 71-52 at home

by Emre K. Erku

Hosting Ipswich Jan. 7, the Webster Area varsity boys basketball team handled the Tigers 71-52.

With a slew of Bearcats netting double figures, it gave the Cats some breathing room.

“We played a decent first half, second half we changed up our defense a little bit,” said Webster head coach Jamie Reetz. “When they started two 6’6” guys I was a little concerned and they were killing us the first half.”

One of these big Tigers, senior Andrew Fuhrmann, was a topic of concern for Reetz. The 6’6” center showed a good paint presence in the first half, netting 12 points. Reetz said, with an adjustment to zone defense made, his Cats were able to close off the inside.

“It’s a matter of trying to scheme,” said Reetz. “I am a man-to-man guy; we always start that way but you just can’t let one guy kill you. We adjusted and put a guy in front and a guy on the back side, and it pretty much prevented him from getting the ball.”

And killing he did.

In the first quarter the Cats were outscored 16-13. The second quarter the two teams found themselves tied at 25 apiece. Meanwhile the third and fourth quarters, the Cats went on a points surge, taking the lead 48-34 in the third quarter. Reetz accredited senior Mason Roerig with his hustle.

“Mason Roerig down low is kind of an animal on defense,” said Reetz. “He brings it to practice everyday and it shows in the game. It makes a difference. When we get in a two-three point game, that extra effort to grab that extra rebound or save a ball from going out of bounds, it’s definitely going to be the story between getting a win than a loss.”

Apart from Roerig’s efforts, which ended in a double-double via 13 points and 10 boards, senior Riley Reetz and junior Braden Rithmiller had some big nights. Riley Reetz netted 16 points while Rithmiller gathered a double-double via 16 points and 12 boards.

The Cats, as a team, shot 46.6 percent from the floor and 57.1 percent at the line. In addition they gathered 41 boards and four steals.

For the Tigers, Fuhrmann netted 19 points to lead the way. As a team, Ipswich shot 34.5 percent from the floor, 55.6 percent from the line while they gathered just 17 boards.

Aberdeen Christian

Following the win against Ipswich, the Bearcats fell to Aberdeen Christian 65-44 away.

“We were close a couple different times,” said Reetz. “We got within four or five points. Some of it was on me – we stayed in man all through the second half. I wish I almost would have went to a match up zone. We spent all practice yesterday going through film and our zone. The loss Tuesday night hurt a little bit, so they were very much in tune.”

There was a little less scoring from the Cats this time around, with just one player scoring double digits: Roerig. He was able to net 13 points with 10 boards for the double-double. Meanwhile senior Bryson Premus was able to net nine points from the bench.

“Offensively, we had the shots we wanted,” said Reetz. “Overall, we had good movement, we had good looks but it didn’t fall in the hole. I feel good with where we’re at. We’re going to compete in these next couple of games one game at a time.”

By halftime, the Cats were only behind by an eight-point deficit 29-21. However, 6’3” Christian sophomore Jackson Becker was able to net 22 points to give the Cats some trouble. Along with him, teammate Andrew Rohrbach netted 12. As a team they shot 53.8 percent from the floor to the Cats’ 31.9. The Cats out-rebounded the Knights 29-27.

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