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Reporter & Farmer photo by Emre K. Erku
Contestants weighing-in their catch during Bethesda Home’s 2014 Annual Fishing Tournament on Bitter Lake, Aug. 23. Here, event volunteer Darren Steiner lifts up contestant Jerry Tveidt’s (sunglasses) 8.67 pound biggest northern pike after calculating its weight. Of the 37 participating teams, team 32, Tom Wilde and LeAllen Endres, was the victor on the day with five fish weighing 13.93 pounds total. A fundraising event, proceeds went to improving the Bethesda Home facility in Webster.

Bethesda Home 2014 Annual
Fishing Tournament results

by Emre K. Erku

Bethesda Home’s 2014 Fishing Tournament on Bitter Lake, Aug. 23 saw 37 participating teams. LeAllen Endres and Tom Wilde were top place finishers. The fundraising event has proceeds go toward improving the Bethesda Home facility in Webster.
Top finishers:
First place: Team 32 – Endres and Wilde. Fish: five, weight: 13.93 pounds.
Second place: Team 18 – Mike Lee and Brian Frochlich. Fish: five, weight: 13.87 pounds.
Third place: Team 29 – Dan Revering, Matt Baumgarn and Jamie Reetz. Fish: five, weight: 12.58 pounds.
Fourth place: Team 24 – Craig Salter, Chad and Gage Lohr. Fish: five, weight: 11.2 pounds.
Fifth place: Team two – Javon Heathcote, Cory Rislov and Ryan Briggs. Fish: five, weight: 11.17 pounds.
Sixth place: Team 27 – Kevin Goos, Ken Sinner and Dave Severson. Fish: three, weight: 8.83 pounds.
Seventh place: Team 37 – Adam Rinas, Rick Masterik and Rowney Gryaczyk. Fish: five, weight: 8.39 pounds.
Eighth place: Team 34 – Anton and Marty Novotny and Brett Smith. Fish: five, weight:8.23 pounds.
Ninth place: Team 35 – Dan Sunne and C.W. Hauger. Fish: five, weight: 8.08 pounds.
10th place: Team 22 – Casey and Nathan Baumgarn and Scott Munger. Fish: two, weight: 7.4 pounds.
Biggest walleye winner:
Casey Baumgarn, 6.16 pounds.
Biggest northern winner:
Jerry Tveidt, 8.67 pounds.

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