Webster Legion achieves first win after tournament loss

Webster Legion Post 40 attempted to salvage their then 0-6 record in a June 22 double header at home against Sisseton. The boys fell 4-11 in five innings but came back 20-10 in four innings for the second game.

In the first match up, Brent Bearman, Carter Williams, Matt and Carson Mount scored one run each. Bearman and both Mounts scored with one hit each, Williams scored with two. The boys scored a total of four runs on eight hits.

The boys in blue couldn’t manage to keep their opponents from scoring. Williams and Brent Snaza were on the mound. Williams pitched 2.2 innings, allowing eight runs, including six earned on five hits. Snaza pitched 2.1 innings, allowing three runs, including one earned on four hits. The boys allowed 11 runs, including seven earned on nine hits. Sisseton had one pitcher who pitched five innings, allowed four runs, all earned on eight hits.

Pitch count rules worked in Webster’s favor.

After having 100 pitches, Sisseton had to swap out their pitchers in the second game. Sisseton lined up two pitchers. One pitched for 3.2 innings, the other 0.0 innings. One Sisseton pitcher allowed Webster 20 runs, including 12 earned in 13 hits, while his teammate didn’t allow any runs on one hit. Sisseton’s inexperienced defense and Webster’s superior offense allowed Webster to change its record to 1-7 with a win, their first of the season.

Leading Webster’s offense was Ian Lesnar, Bearman, Christopher Gaikowski and Snaza with three runs each. Carson Mount followed the quad with two runs. Matt Mount, Jared Schimmel, Samuel Nelson, Isaac Nelson and Trey Dunse trailed with one run each.

Lesnar and Snaza scored on three hits each, Williams and Carson Mount on two hits each, Bearman, Matt Mount, Schimmel and Gaikowski on one hit each. Isaac Nelson and Trey Dunse scored on zero hits each.

Lesnar took the mound 0.2 innings and allowed two runs, all earned. Schimmel pitched 2.2 innings, allowed eight runs, including three earned on five hits and Matt Mount pitched for one innning.

The boys in blue pitched four innings and allowed 10 runs on five hits, all runs were earned.

Coach Chad Hesla said in the first half, the defense struggled and couldn’t battle back. He said the boys in blue fought their way to victory in the second game which he said was fun to watch.

The second game, Hesla said, showed what they can do as a team.

Wood Bat Tournament

Of the six teams competing in the Ashley Charron Wood Bat Tournament, Webster Legion Post 40 stood off with LaMour, ND, Salem and Big Stone June 17-20. Scores were NA, 0-17 and 0-11.

Hesla said all teams were exceptional. He said the boys’ youth showed but he did see the boys hitting the ball better and said it’s something to build from.

Next contest

June 27, the boys will play Milbank at Bob Wiley Field in Webster.

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