Bearcat boy golfers pounce for top conference spot

The Bearcat boys pounced their way to the top of the Northeastern Conference at home on May 6. Both teams went against Britton-Hecla, Hamlin, Clark-Willow Lake and Deuel. The boys placed first with a score of 250 and the girls placed third with a score of 397.

Blaize Amdahl took home the gold for the boys with 44 the first round and 38 in the second for a score of 82. Ian Lesnar placed second with 40 and 43 for a score of 83. Jacob Pereboom placed third with 41 and 44 for a score of 85. Gavin Sannes placed 11th with 48 and 51 for a score of 99. Ethan Opitz did not place with 55 and 56 for a score of 111.


Bailee Ninke placed fourth with 57 and 59 for a score 116. Haley Isler doubled her score with 10th place and 65 per round for a score of 130. Mia Coester placed 14th with 76 and 75 for a score of 151. Addy Kuecker did not place with 77 improving with 76 for a score of 153. Erin Sannes took a place at the bottom of the Cat pack with 80 and 91 for a score of 171.

Next contest

The Bearcats travel to Watertown Municipal Cattail Golf Course for Pre-Regions vs Great Plains Lutheran May 16.

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