Nineteen forty-three


Blizzard cancels Armistice Day game


Webster Bearcats massacred the Stanley County Buffaloes in the semifinal 11B contest in Webster Nov. 10 with a score of 47-0 and have earned their trip to the Dakota Dome.

Webster volunteer firemen got some hands-on training with the department’s latest acquisition, a fast attack fire fighting vehicle often referred to as a brush truck. The new truck has a water cannon mounted behind the cab that can be operated by a joy stick from inside the cab. It carries more equipment and personnel and is expected to go out on virtually every fire call.


Pam Hommel was presented the Meritorious Service Award from the Day County 4-H Leaders Association at 4-H Recognition Night.

Bristol High School students Wendy Halvorsen, Tiffany Zimmerman, Brian Achen and Neil Warrington represented Bristol at the All State Chorus  and Orchestra concert in Aberdeen.


Everyone has a yearning for a pet, whether it be a cat, dog or some other animal. The Willard Hubsch family, who lives on a farm northeast of Webster however, has a new pet which most county residents may find hard to top. It’s a 500 pound buffalo bull they purchased at the Jim Sutton ranch near Agar. The critter is still nervous around people and farm animals, but Willard says the buffalo is gradually getting used to his new surroundings and mixes in with the cattle now. What next? He thinks he’ll purchase a heifer next year.

All of the Waubay National Wildlife Refuge except for a 60 acre safety zone around refuge headquarters will be open for deer hunting during the east river deer hunting season this year.


Minus the customary football game with Groton, which was canceled, Webster will observe the 25th anniversary of the World War I Armistice Nov. 11. Places of business generally will be closed. The customary football game was canceled by mutual agreement between the two schools due to considerable snow on the playing field and the weather uncertain.

A storm of blizzard proportions held sway Saturday, Sunday and Monday with 48-mph wind that whipped around the eight-inch fall of wet snow and brought traffic to a standstill.

The State Game and Fish Department planted 300 more blue gills in Pickerel Lake bringing to 1,500 the total planted in the lake this fall. A few bass were also included in the shipment which came by truck from the hatchery at Lake Andes.


EXTRA! Nov. 11, GERMANY SIGNS ARMISTICE. United States War Department officially reports the signing of the Allied Armistice terms by the German emissaries at 2:45 o’clock a.m. Fighting ceases immediately. Terms as laid down by Foch practically mean unconditional surrender, fighting stopped at 6:00 o’clock this morning. Whole nation is celebrating. Official dispatches from the War Department announce the signing of the Armistice at midnight. Fighting ceased on all fronts at 6 o’clock this morning, Washington time. Kaiser Wilhelm reported in Holland, on his way to Switzerland.

Regulations requiring householders and bakers to purchase 20 percent of substitutes with each purchase of wheat flour were withdrawn today by the food administration, according to a telegram received this morning by the Webster Mill Co. from Chas. N Herried, federal food administrator for South Dakota.

Dr. Gage, president of SD Educational Association, announces that the 36th annual meeting will be postponed one year due to the influenza situation. The statewide quarantine is being lifted but it has seemed impossible for teachers to secure a leave of absence to attend after such a long enforced vacation.


A literary and reading circle has been organized. The members are supposed to prepare a paper on some subject and read it before the circle.

Dakota Hay & Straw Stove Co. are pushing the sale of the “Blizzard Pacifier.” The use of hay or straw as fuel is inconvenient and exasperating usually but with the “Pacifier” it is reduced to a minimum.

The ladies of the M.E. Church gave a New England supper. It was a fine lay out gastronomically.

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