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Anderson Industries moves all

operations to Webster

by Amanda Fanger

By the end of October, all of Anderson Industries operations and metal fabrication will be done in Webster. The company is consolidating their Mapleton, ND location with their Webster location.

Company CEO Kory Anderson said the move is one that will help the company be more efficient.

“There are a lot of synergies that help us better serve our customers ... it will help us be more efficient to have all our operations under one roof,” Anderson said.

The decision to consolidate was made in July and the move is expected to be complete by the end of October, according to Brandon Alberts, director of manufacturing.

The Webster location is a 34,000 square foot expandable facility which will provide Anderson Industries the grounds to support “significant growth and continual improvement for the future,” said a customer letter.

There are 11 job positions currently in Mapleton, which Anderson said they plan to bring to Webster. They look to relocate some of the employees and add more from the local employment pool.

New from Anderson

A new product line is now coming out of Anderson Industries and soon they’ll have a big prototype of a farm equipment concept on their hands.

In March, they began manufacturing the Skid Lift at the Webster location, which is a lift that hooks to a skid steer and uses the hydraulics from that machine to power itself. The idea behind the Skid Lift is to bring versatility to the work site by making the lift all-terrain.

“This will take an old skid steer to new heights,” Anderson said with a laugh.

And by the beginning of October, they’re hoping to have the first prototype of the first ever Mother Bin by Walkabout Developments. The piece of equipment will be similar to a grain cart, but will have seven axles, be 27 feet tall and will be capable of holding 400,000 pounds. Walkabout Developments is based out of Faulkton but the owner is originally from Australia, which is where the concept for this piece of equipment comes from.

“We’re pioneering a new process in the harvest operation,” Anderson said.

They’re hoping to have 10 built by next September.

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