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Northwest Salmon


Historic Happenings

Nineteen eighty-nine

Oral interp team bags 7 trophies

15 years ago
October 25, 1999

Although pheasants in Day County are hard to find, hunters don’t have to travel far to find ringnecks. hunters in Day County have to be satisfied with hunting waterfowl.

Patricia Naatz gave up a mild winter in her home city on the Mediterranean Sea to spend her 1999-2000 school year in Webster. She is a native of Marseille, France’s principle port city.

It was a night Coach Leon Breske’s gridder squad can be proud of when the Bearcats beat Britton 7-0 in overtime during first round playoffs.

25 years ago
October 23, 1989

The saga of Day county’s state’s attorney shuffles continued when Tom hensley submitted his resignation and the county commissioners appointed Dan Smeins, Britton to take his place.

Webster High School oral interpretation team carried seven trophies home from the Northern State University oral interpretation tournament.

The identity of a man who last spring anonymously offered to give $500,000 to the school here is no longer a secret. He is Gil Braun, Edina, MN, a 1933 graduate of Webster High School who made a name for himself in the women’s retail clothing business.

50 years ago
October 21, 1964

Grand openings are set for Fashion Trend Beauty Salon and radio station KSDR studios, both in the former Anenson location purchased by Don mussetter, proprietor of the fashion Trend. The Fashion Trend is the area’s largest beauty salon with eight chairs and six operators. KSDR was formerly located in the Klein Hotel.

Along with much of South Dakota’s famous pheasant range, the area’s opening day weekend was notably down from past years due to lack of pheasants, fewer hunters and curtailing bag limits. One processing plant operator described the first day’s hunt as about 15 percent of last year.

Sigurd Anderson plans to return with his family to Webster. They have sold their Washington, DC home.

75 years ago
October 26, 1939

By defeating Redfield 14-6 on the local gridiron the Webster Bearcats kept their record of no defeats this season.

Day County public schools received a total of $17,266.86 this year from interest and income of South Dakota school and public lands. Total number of school age children in the county for which apportionment was made was 4,196 and the amount for each child was $4.11.

A WPA crew of about 20 men has started work on the Webster sewage disposal project. The work consists in the hauling of rock which will be put through a crusher and reduced in size to be usable for filter beds.

100 years ago
October 22, 1914

Bootleggers appearing before Judge Bourck at Aberdeen pled guilty and the judge gave Sheriff Garrick an order authorizing him to put the prisoners to work. Four men were put to work on the roads and on Friday the proposition of digging a ditch from the courthouse to the street for new telephone and electric light conduits came up for consideration. Garrick put his crew to work and by saturday night they had completed the ditch two feet wide, three feet deep and 200 feet long.

The switchboard for the new telephone system arrived and with its installation the last stage in construction of the plant began. It is being installed by expert men from the manufacturer’s plant in Chicago.

Commissioners hallstrom and Lewno concluded arrangements with contractors for considerable roadwork to be completed this fall. They will cut down the hills two and one half miles due east of Lily. The east hill will be cut 14 feet and the west hill four feet. It will be greatly appreciated by farmers east of Lily who often find these hills almost impassable with a heavy load.

125 years ago
October 24, 1889

The building Mr. Schachte is constructing on north Main St. opposite his present business will be enlarged to twice its present size with an opera house overhead. The building will be 40x70 with a 16 foot ceiling in the upper story. This will give a room for public assemblies of all kinds. After deducting 25x40 feet for a stage there is left a room 40x45 to accommodate about 700 persons.

Mrs. Stone and Mrs. C.H. Compton will soon open a millinery business in this city and ask ladies to hold orders till they have an opportunity to examine their new stock.

Again we want to call the attention of farmers to the importance of putting out good, wide firebreaks to protect their property from the encroachments of prairie fires.