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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Nineteen ninety-two


Webster Theater reopens with

Beauty and the Beast

15 years ago
April 29, 2001

Waubay students won honors at the South Dakota State History Day competition. Tony Zubke won third place honors for his exhibit You Can Paint It Any Color about Henry Ford and the industrial assembly line.

Andover celebrated Arbor Day and their 16th year as a designated Tree City USA by planting a new sapling next to the cafe.

Dana Scott travels across the nation trying to bring good out of her sister Rachel’s death caused by two gunmen who attacked Columbine High School April 20, 1999. Her family created a ministry, Columbine Redemption. Dana spoke in Bristol.

25 years ago
April 27, 1992

The show Larry King Live “made his day” Harold Q. Smith told his wife Kathleen. Texas billionaire Ross Perot said on the talk show that he will run for president as an independent if supporters are able to place his name on the ballot in all 50 states. Smith and others are circulating petitions to put Perot’s name on the ballot in South Dakota.

People planning to get an early start on their gardening were thrown a curve by the weatherman when he dumped 4” of snow in the area.

People driving down Webster’s Main Street saw a scene from the past: A line of people extending from the movie theater to the corner. All were in line to see Beauty and the Beast. A total of 182 people attended the first movie to play at Webster Theater since 1989. Another 123 attended the second feature, Father of the Bride.

50 years ago
April 26, 1967

Installation of telephone switching equipment for the new $65,000 dial office at Waubay and outside construction work has been completed.

There’s an old saying that “Happiness begins at home” but members of the Don Anderson family have extended their happiness the past 17 years to include the community of Bristol each May Day. Over 200 May baskets will be distributed to children and senior citizens in Bristol compliments of the Andersons.

At Bristol Holiness Methodist Church the building commission announced that $30,860 in cash and pledges has been raised for construction of a new church.

75 years ago
April 30, 1942

A total of 1,482 Day County males aged 45-64 registered in the Fourth Registration. They will be given a serial number and be required to give information relative to their occupation and skill.

Residents of Marshall County have proposed that the rehabilitated Fort Sisseton be utilized as a concentration camp for Japanese aliens who have been removed from Pacific Coast areas.

Rainfall totaling 1.73 inches fell last week. With 90 percent of the spring seeding completed, the rains are welcome.

100 years ago
April 26, 1917

The formal opinion of the supreme court has been announced in the case of the $75,000 voted to the private soldiers of the Fourth South Dakota for the time they were on the Texas border. There are two main contentions, one that under the constitution the only thing for which soldiers can be paid is in the case of invasion or insurrection and the other that the payment was a “donation” which is prohibited by the constitution.

The local and township spelling contests were held and the district contest will be May 5. A great deal of enthusiasm is being manifested and the rivalry will be keen and spirited. Many of the young are very proficient spellers and pitted against the crack spellings of a generation ago would compel them to beg for mercy.

Friday is Patriotic Day in Webster. The goal is to have 100 men signed up to join the Day County Cavalry Troop by Saturday. Don’t wait to be drafted and assigned someplace in the service among strangers. We believe every young man in Day County who is qualified will respond to the call of his country and get into service.

125 years ago
April 28, 1892

“Late to bed and early to rise will shorten the road to your home in the skies.”

Five of our misses thought it would be funny to walk to Waubay. They tried it and came back on the cars. More exhausted and disgusted lot of girls you never saw.

The time has not yet come when men succeed unless they earnestly go to work to win success. Those who are always calling for help get the least, but the whole world is willing to help those who have courage to try to help themselves.