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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Nineteen sixty-seven


Cornwell honored at homecoming

15 years ago
October 21, 2002

Roslyn oral interp team brought home the first place B team trophy from the Deuel Invitational in Clear Lake. Roslyn was up against 26 schools including the four AA Sioux Falls schools

Fourteen area bands marched in Waubay for the first New Lake Band Festival. The festival was formerly known as the Whetstone Valley Festival held in Milbank.

Have you ever wondered what your children are doing when they are home alone after school? One alternative is after school programs. Webster Elementary houses Kids’ Clubhouse after school program which is co-directed by Carol Gruba and Patti Martin.

25 years ago
October 26, 1992

For the first time in two decades, all voters in Day County will be able to cast ballots for the same set of legislators. Before this year, the county had been split into two legislative districts.

The opening of the pheasant hunting season saw more hunters shooting fewer birds in Day County according to the conservation officer for the Department of Game, Fish & Parks office, Webster.

Spending money to renovate the existing elementary school or to erect a new building are the questions facing patrons of the Roslyn School District.

50 years ago
October 18, 1967

Floyd Cornwell, Webster, a 1919 graduate of South Dakota State University will be honored at the 56th Hobo Day homecoming. A native of Montrose, Cornwell earned a degree in pharmacy and took a job as pharmacist in Webster where in 1928 he formed Cornwell Drug Co. which he has operated since. He served 14 years as mayor of Webster until 1965.

One hundred twenty-three voters turned out to vote on whether Maydell Common School District 8 in Clark County should be assigned to the Day County Board of Education. The issue passed 114-9. Maydell voters voted on whether they would like to be assigned to the Day County Board and Webster School District 101. All eligible voters turned out and approved the issue 9-8. Thus the Maydell district will be transferred to the Day County Board July 1, 1968.

Webster City Council authorized NorthWestern Public Service to install 11 new lights along the new stretch of U.S. Hwy. 12. The lights will be 400-watt mercury vapor lights similar to those on Main Street. Ten will be installed on the north side of the highway and one on Hwy. 25 going south from 12 to the business district. There are already two lights at the intersection.

75 years ago
October 22, 1942

It was horse and buggy days for everything except scrap iron on Webster High School’s homecoming so the Tom Tom Day queen rode in this conveyance. Queen Marguerite Cooper, senior was chosen by a vote of her fellow students. The parade featured 48,315 pounds of scrap gathered by school pupils.

The postmaster informs mailers that no food should be enclosed in parcels mailed to members of the armed forces overseas, not only because crumbs escaping from the parcels attract vermin but also that the armed forces are amply supplied with food.

October 27 has been set aside as scrap metal collection day in Day County, according to decision made by various towns of the county

100 years ago
October 18, 1917

Arrangements are complete for a football game at the fairgrounds between the local high school team and the team from Groton. The locals have spent every moment of spare time devoted to practice for this game.

That the U.S. Food Administration has begun regulating flour output is indicated by a telegram received by the Webster Milling Co., notifying them that their wheat allowance has been cut to 1,650 bushels per week until further notice. This amounts to about one third the capacity of the mill.

The boys at Deming, NM have requested if a collection of phonograph records from the people of Day County can be taken up and forwarded to them. The ones they have are nearly all in, they have been played so much.

125 years ago
October 20, 1892

John Hanse’s team indulged in a runaway. They started near the railroad and came flying up Main Street, turned around at Webster City Bank corner and went around the block near Sorenson’s shop in “Ole town.” The wagon turned completely over, lighting right side up. The team ran into Smail’s lumber yard where they stopped. As they went up Main St., Clare Peabody’s dog Rover went out and was run over and his back broken. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the lad at this.

W.S.D. Adams took the train for a bridal trip to Hawarden, IA. It has long been rumored that there was a young lady in town, but it was quite a surprise when it became known the question had been propounded and answered in the affirmative.

The concert by Prof. Shibley was a musical feast for all who listened.