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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Nineteen forty-two

Duke Hedman, member of the Tiger

Squadron brings down enemy planes

15 years ago
February 25, 2002

Roslyn hosted a packed house of fans when the Vikings played against the Waubay Dragons boys basketball team. By 5 p.m. spectators were queued up from the schoolhouse entrance to Main Street. The Dragons won the varsity match 75-68 bringing their season record to 18-0.

Day County residents can purchase weather radios as a result of a special state program. Governor William Janklow authorized the state to purchase several thousand weather radios. Sixty-four are available for purchase at the courthouse.

Deb Kuecker was presented a plaque by superintendent Clark Ranum for her dedication to make the Webster on Wood project a reality. Kuecker spearheaded raising money to put a new wood floor in the armory.

25 years ago
February 24, 1992

Figures show it costs an average of $4,124 a year to educate a student in the area schools of Bristol, Florence, Langford, Roslyn, Waubay and Webster.

Enemy Swim Lake has good water quality now, but it might not always be that way. Water samples taken at three different sites last summer indicated a decline in the level of oxygen in the lake.

Day County voters will go to the polls Tuesday to vote in the presidential primary election. Democratic voters may choose among Lyndon LaRouche Jr., Edmund Brown Jr., Tom Harkin, Lawrence Douglas Wilder, Bob Kerry, Paul Tsongas, Bill Clinton and Larry Agran. Republican voters may choose between a George Bush slate of delegates and an uncommitted slate.

50 years ago
February 22, 1967

Coach Duane Knebel’s Roslyn Vikings carried an underdog role into the District II tournament for the second year in a row and then knocked off the two favorites to cop the District II championship. They dumped Waubay 65-51 and slipped by Bradley 69-67 in overtime to defend their championship and earn a berth in the Region I tournament. Bristol took third place with a 76-60 win over Waubay.

Coach Dan Unruh and Bearcats Kermit Knapp, Dave Biel, Mark Sichmeller and Kevin Bakke will represent Webster at the state wrestling tournament after qualifying in the Region I tourney here. As a team they ended up fifth in a field of 18 teams.

The President’s designation of Heart Sunday stimulated interest in Day County in the local heart disease situation. Figures from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare show 70.2 percent of all deaths in the area are due to heart disease, strokes and other ailments of the cardiovascular system.

75 years ago
February 26, 1942

One hundred percent cooperation in the war effort which will not be easy nor of short duration was urged by the State Legion Commander Claude Hamilton in an address to Legionnaires and Webster business and professional men.

Lt. Robert ‚ÄúDuke‚ÄĚ Hedman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hedman, Webster, member of the famous Tiger Squadron of American aviators battling the Japanese along the Burma Road, has now brought down a total of 38 enemy planes according to a report appearing in a New York newspaper.

Problems of agriculture created by the war emergency provided the basis of an interesting meeting. To produce a crop, the community will need the old and the young during the crop season. School boards will be requested to rearrange the school work year so as to make boys and girls of high school age available in the production and harvest of farm crops.

100 years ago
February 22, 1917

There was a good attendance of enthusiastic citizens on the impromptu call of Mayor Mohs for the purpose of arranging for a proper welcome of Co. G 4th SD Infantry who will return from service on the border.

Male citizens who are domiciled in the territory of a post office in the country and who meet other requirements are eligible for the U.S. Civil Service examination for rural carriers.

School notes-The revised plan for the new school building has been received. The kindergarten is growing with 26 attending this week. The sophomore class challenged the senior class to a debate on peace proposals of the Allies.

125 years ago
February 25, 1892

We understand that some party went from town and when they were a mile out, commenced racing their teams beyond their control and ran into the wagons of some parties on the road, smashing them up considerably. Such a practice is very reprehensible and should not go unpunished.

Last week, the weather was spring-like for a day or two and then it took a terrible bad cold and was coughing around at a great rate Saturday night.