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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Two thousand two

Architect brings plans to Webster School

Board to replace building

15 years ago
March 25, 2002

Nikki Amundson teaches spelling to her fifth grade class in Waubay. Amundson was able to overcome learning difficulties in elementary school with help from Title I instructors and aides. She was honored this year as South Dakota’s Title I distinguished graduate.

Webster school board members heard from architect Merideth Larsen at a special school board meeting. She presented various options on Webster’s 1920 high school.

To adjust for state fair funding cuts handed out to South Dakota’s 4-H program the Cooperative Extension Service may freeze hiring new personnel in county offices across the state.

25 years ago
March 23, 1992

The corner of 6th Avenue and East 1st Street in Webster won’t seem the same to Marshall Likness. He worked at that corner for 42 years, first as a salesman at Best Motors and then as owner of an independent auto dealership. He has relocated the business to his home.

Roslyn Elementary School pupils presented a salute to Sesame Street during their spring concert. Richard Muller of SD Public Television was a guest performer. He has worked for SD Public Broadcasting for 18 years, the last eight as host of the Sesame Street Club.

Chuck Zubke and Stephanie Johnson have been selected for Boys and Girls State respectively by Brady-Monson Post 129 of the American Legion, Waubay.

50 years ago
March 22, 1967

The first day of spring arrived right on time when temperatures rose to 45 degrees during the day and took care of much of the remaining snow. The warming trend is expected to continue with a possible 55 forecast.

Maurice Bates, former Webster High School athlete has been contacted by the Philadelphia Eagles and will talk professional contract terms within a few days. He was drafted on the 10th round.

Members of the Day County National Farmer Organization were slated to make a public demonstration of milk-dumping as part of the organization’s milk withholding action. Purpose of the demonstrations is to bring about a boost in prices by two cents a quart in the 25-state area.

75 years ago
March 26, 1942

The Day County draft board has been very busy this week, reclassifying eligibles for selective service under the changed requirements laid down by national headquarters. It is understood that quite a large number of draftees will leave the county for army service during April.

One of those seldom seen March rains in this territory started Tuesday night, continued through Wednesday and turned to sleet and snow today.

A drive to secure scrap iron and rubber will be staged in Webster. In addition to premium prices, a total of $25 in prizes will be given. In an effort to “clean the county” of its scrap iron and rubber the committee urges all citizens to start a scrap pile now.

100 years ago
March 22, 1917

March 15 was the 50th anniversary of the birth of August Gast, Holmquist and his friends and relatives thought the occasion worthy of some special demonstration. They marched to his home and gave him a genuine surprise party. A splendid supper was served at midnight, at which 40 covers were laid.

A meeting of Yellowstone Trail boosters has been called to meet at Webster of the towns from Groton to Waubay. The meeting is in accordance with a plan of holding district meetings of the trail across the state to place the committees in closer touch with each other and to start definite action toward having the Yellowstone Trial across South Dakota designated as a state highway by the highway commission created by the recent legislature.

A fair sized audience greeted Prof. Herring, member of the board of lectureship of the Mother church, the First Church of Christian Scientist, Boston, MA who delivered a refined and scholarly discourse on the subject of The Science of Christian Healing at the opera house.

125 years ago
March 24, 1892

The Reverend Knight preached his farewell discourse at the Methodist Church. He goes to Aberdeen to take charge of the church there.

If you want to change your seed wheat bring a load to any of the elevators and they will furnish you seed in exchange. If you want a higher grade than you bring, you must pay the difference.

Early sown grain is what wins in this country. Don’t plow very deep either when you put it in. Grain put in with a disc harrow is apt to turn out the best.