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Northwest Salmon


Historic Happenings

Nineteen thirty-nine
Over 500 students report for school in Webster

15 years ago
August 30, 1999

Gov. Bill Janklow said that state government is giving a special software program called CyberLibrary to South Dakota schools to filter out internet pornography and violence on school computers. The state’s cost is about $500,000.
Bob Kazmierski’s office is now in the courthouse. If a person had been looking for him two or three years ago, he would have had to travel to Nepal. Kazmierski moved to webster to complete his internship from the University of Illinois in economic development. His interest in economic development began years ago and prompted him to complete three years in the Peace Corps.
Day County received approval for federal grants totaling $31,158 to help reimburse the county for repairs to a flood-damaged gravel road in Troy Township. Initially the grant was to repair the flooded road, but it quickly became evident the road would continue to be inundated with flood water for some time.
25 years ago
August 28, 1989

Bids were opened for the removal of the abandoned 1905 building at the regular meeting of the Webster School Board. Just a hole will be left when workers are finished. It must be torn down by April 2, 1990.
Matt Halbkat, Webster received the Eagle Scout award, the highest honor a Boy Scout can receive, in ceremonies here.
Attendance at the Day County Fair was about average said fair manager harvey Opitz. New additions including a fireworks display, interdenominational church service and a carnival (last year’s fair did not have a carnival) helped draw fairgoers, Opitz said.

50 years ago
August 26, 1964

Two Huron men are recovering at the Day County Hospital from near asphyxiation from paint fumes inhaled while painting the interior of the webster city water tank.
A holding action initiated by the National Farmer Organization designed to keep livestock from being sold with the objective of forcing higher prices went into effect last week. instances of shooting of truck tires and cutting of fences have been charged in the Clark area. The motor patrol is under orders to enforce state statutes against rioting.
Students attending webster Public Schools will report Aug. 27 for a full day of school.

75 years ago
August 31, 1939

Next Monday morning will find some 500 students returning to their work in the Webster Public Schools.
Nearly three inches of rain fell early yesterday morning to help pastures and fall plowing but caused a two-day delay in threshing. Heavy lighting struck trees and a barn at Lily.
4-H Achievement Day for Day County Girls’ clubs enrolled in home economics clubs was completed Aug. 25. About 75 members, leaders and visitors attended.

100 years ago
August 27, 1914

Lars J. Fiksdal has decided to put in a branch store in the new town of Roslyn and purchased one of the best sites in the new town at the town lot sale. The company intends to erect a building immediately and will be ready to open the store by the time the railroad reaches that point.
D.B. Thayer, general manager of the Standard Oil Co. was in the city calling on local agent A.A. Garrick. He instructed garrick to draw up plans for a 18x32 foot building and a yard in which will be placed three 10,000 gallon tanks. The building will be equipped with pumps, automatic measuring devices, etc. operated by a gasoline engine.
Dollar wheat has at last arrived. Tuesday morning the dollar mark was reached on the local market and by Wednesday the price had jumped to $1.06.