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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Eighteen ninety-one

A few parties allegedly under the influence

decide to steal city signs

15 years ago
August 27, 2001

Wayne Hauck was able to enjoy what for many Boy Scouts is a once in a lifetime opportunity when he attended 2001 National Boy Scouts Jamboree this summer. He attended the jamboree with two assistant scoutmasters from Webster Troop 33, Todd Garry and Ross Yost as members of a Sioux Council group which traveled to Washington, DC and Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia.

Roslyn girls basketball team opened their season at home with a 69-39 win over the Bristol Pirates.

It was all Roslyn from the go against Waubay-Summit as the Vikes football team finished the contest 50-0 in the fourth quarter.

25 years ago
August 26, 1991

Another school year will start Sept. 3 at area schools.

Brian Moore picked up the ninth place medal with an 87 in the Northeast Conference boys golf tournament at Sisseton.

The dying of fish at Pickerel Lake last week indicates that the lake’s water quality is declining according to the Game, Fish and Parks Department’s chief of fisheries. Approximately 200 fish died at the south end of the lake. During warm weather, the lake stratified (formed a colder bottom layer and a warmer surface layer.) Oxygen was depleted in the bottom layer because of decomposition of organic matter. Windy weather and rain broke the stratification and gases toxic to fish mixed with the upper layer.

50 years ago
August 31, 1966

Webster High School reports a total of 395 students enrolled at the beginning of the school year for an increase of 23 over last year’s total. There are 110 freshmen, 97 sophomores, 103 juniors and 86 seniors. This is the largest enrollment to date according to Principal Vernon Lohman. Total enrollment in Webster Public and High School is 964.

The E.E. Gelhaus weather station recorded 6.29 inches of rainfall for the month of August, 4.03 more than last year, but the eighth month total shows 2.34 inches less than a year ago.

Residents of Day County have developed a big thirst-for soda pop, that is. More pop is being consumed and more money is being spent in that direction than ever before. In the past year, local residents put away soft drinks at the record rate of 136 bottles (8-ounce) per capita. Total consumption locally in 1960 amounted to 1,061,000 bottles for a five year increase of 28 percent.

75 years ago
August 28, 1941

Phyllis Hanse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. hanse, Webster has accepted a position as English and music instructor in the Waubay schools. A graduate of Augustana College, Sioux Falls, she taught these subjects in the school at Hitchcock last year.

Substantial rains have helped curb the outbreak of botulism among wild ducks on Waubay Lake, caused by hot weather and receding water levels. Sick ducks were gathered around the lake and moved to fresh water at the game refuge. The outbreak is not so serious as in former years.

Pierpont School opens Sept. 8, a week later than usual in order to give rural students a chance to assist with harvesting and threshing.

100 years ago
August 24, 1916

Local suffragists had a treat furnished them in their addresses by Dr. Effie Jones and Elsie Benedict of the Flying Squadron, representing the SD Equal Franchise League. It was pouring rain when Dr. Jones got off the train from Aberdeen but this did not seem to dampen her ardor for she at once entered into plans for the afternoon meeting.

Dr. J.W. Powell left for Chicago where he will spend a week at the lay-in hospital studying the latest methods in obstetrics and infant feeding. He is considering the advisability of establishing a maternity hospital in Webster in the near future.

Dakota–Central Telephone Co. made extensions of their lines out of this city by adding five rural lines to the service. We understand the company will build a number of other extensions and put in more phones in the near future.

125 years ago
August 27, 1891

Ed Smail is threshing his grain out of the shock. He has shipped a couple loads east, the first new grain shipped this year. The berry is very fine and weighs about 61 pounds to the measured bushel. Ed has in about 320 acres, the yield from which is estimated at an average of 18 bushels. We congratulate Smail on the fat, eagle coated dollars his wheat crop is bound to bring.

Monday night some parties who had absorbed too much of something were decidedly noisy and thought some of the business signs of the city belonged to them. Better look out! If you get the Mayor after you it won’t be so everlasting funny – he has a way of getting down to business that is neither pleasant, agreeable nor enlivening to evil doers. If the parties engaged in this will take our advice they won’t do it “some more,” because it won’t be real healthy – and you all know the Mayor.

Judge Andrews has been completely and fully exonerated from the charges of immoral conduct by a large meeting in Watertown of the members of the bar in this district. A full hearing was had of the charges and the attorneys dismissed them as totally without foundation.