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Northwest Salmon


Historic Happenings

Nineteen fourteen

Car strikes horse and buggy, broken window, shoulder

15 years ago
November 22, 1999

The Discovery Channel has chosen the Webster High School’s website The Webster Bearcats for one of the channel’s school spotlight awards Nov. 29. Wyatt Zochert, a WHS senior, said he supervised the team of students who created the new website.

Rick Weiland, regional director for FEMA, returned to northeastern South Dakota to tell residents that there are no quick fixes or easy solutions to the region’s flood problems.

South Dakota department of transportation has scheduled a meeting concerning the reconstruction of U.S. Hwy. 12 through Webster. The Webster portion of the project calls for four driving lanes with a center turning lane.

25 years ago
November 20, 1989

The first teachers most children have is their parents, believes Duane anderson. A new program called Even Start which Anderson is coordinating is designed to provide parents with skills to be used in preparing their children for school. Its goal is to insure that all children have the same level of skills when they enter school.

Jeanne James was chosen snow queen at Bristol and Shawna Hupke was crowned snow queen at Langford.

Needs Anonymous is moving to the earth house owned by Leonard and Virginia Block at Webster’s east city limits. It had been located in the basement of First Baptist Church.

50 years ago
November 18, 1964

January 1 is the target date for occupancy of the new Webster Professional Building in process of completion. The upper level will be used by Webster Clinic and the lower level will be fitted with two dental offices.

Diane Mydland, daughter of Irvin and Dorothy Mydland will reign as 1965 snow queen for Roslyn.

Two men from SDSU, Brookings visited Webster as they began a study of the experience of the citizens of Webster in connection with the changeover from the use of brackish water to desalinized water produced by the U.S. Water Conversion plant here.

75 years ago
November 23, 1939

Fire believed to have started in a closet destroyed the schoolhouse in Fairview District four miles south of Holmquist. The school was a modern type structure built in 1923.

Night or day, summer or winter, the firemen are on the job and it shows that Webster has a superior record for low fire loss for towns of her size in the state. Next Thursday, the firemen stage their Thanksgiving ball. It is a good time to show appreciation for the work the department has done down through many years.

Three truckloads of bullheads, six to 10 inches long, were planted in Pickerel and Enemy Swim lakes. The fish were brought from the James River and planted for the purpose of getting rid of the large number of crabs found in the two lakes. The crabs were eating up the food for the game fish planted each spring.

100 years ago
November 19, 1914

In pursuance to the call published last week, the citizens of Webster met to organize a movement to collect and ship a car of flour to the Belgian noncombatants who are in destitute circumstances as result of the European War. Over 100 sacks of flour were subscribed at the meeting.

Webster’s new telephone system is now in operation, the change having been made this morning. The first work in removing the old exchange will be the removal of the telephone poles and wires from Main St. There are now no party lines in the city and city subscribers who have been on party lines should bear in mind that whenever their telephone rings the call is for them.

Albert Farmen of Day county Garage had a drive to make and Chris gunderson accompanied him. returning in the evening, they met a horse and buggy near the old Walker place. The driver turned her horse the wrong way and the machine struck the horse on the right shoulder and broke the buggy shafts. The windshield of the car was driven in and the frame bent.

125 years ago
November 21, 1889

George Schlosser of the Aberdeen News is on deck with a scheme the like of which does not often strike the brain pan of ordinary mortals. It is to take two train loads of people to Washington, DC to witness the opening of Congress and the seating of South Dakota members of Congress and senators. The trains start from Aberdeen on the 28th and go straight through as all the grub is carried on the train.

Think of the suffering denizens of New Mexico buried in huge drifts of snow, their stock suffocated and thousands of them destroyed while in our own South Dakota, the warm sunshine gives the perfect day.

Our grain buyers, being patriotic men will close their elevators on thanksgiving day. It is no use to bring wheat to town on the 28th. On this first thanksgiving under the new state government of the state of South Dakota, is a red letter day in the lives of all our people and they propose to give earnest and heartfelt thanks for all the blessings of freedom and plenty vouchsafed to them.