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Northwest Salmon


Historic Happenings

Two thousand

Roslyn seeking for new superintendent

15 years ago
July 24, 2000

Webster FFA students Crissa Zenk, Steve Kuecker, Duane Snaza and instructor Fred Zenk won honors at the National Crop Judging Contest, taking first place in the team/coach category.

A construction crew continued to rework water and sewer mains for the city along the Hwy. 12 construction site in Webster. The work is the start of a project to widen Hwy. 12 through town.

Roslyn School Board held a special meeting to interview individuals for the open superintendent/CEO position.

25 years ago
July 23, 1990

Four years have passed since the U.S. Air Force first proposed that an Over-the-Horizon Backscatter Radar System be built in northeastern South Dakota but it appears to be dying a slow death. The Senate committee on Armed Services recommended that the radar system receive no funding in the fiscal year 1991 defense authorization bill.

About 400 giant Canada geese at Spring Lake were banded by personnel from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the SD Department of Game, Fish and Parks and volunteers. Officials chose this time of year because the geese are molting and are incapable of flying.

Small grain harvest should begin in Day County this week or next. Day County agricultural extension agent Bob DeCock said small grains look real good.

50 years ago
July 21, 1965

A letter was received from Sen. George McGovern stating that the Office of Saline Water, Washington, DC has signed an agreement with the city of Webster to extend the operating period of the Webster Saline Water plant for another five years.

Two hundred and two geese were corralled during banding operations on area lakes by game personnel. Of the 202 caught, 161 were banded, the remaining number already had bands. The previous record was 107 set last year.

Completion of work on the new swimming pool is nearing an end. Filling of the pool is expected to begin Saturday.

Myron Corbin, Jim Sharp and Dr. John Sorbel were inducted as new members of Kiwanis at the group’s weekly meeting.

75 years ago
July 25, 1940

Hope of relief from the intense hot weather that has gripped the area for the last week came true as a .14 inch shower fell early this morning and was accompanied by a mercury drop to 63 degrees, the lowest point since July 16. High temp July 18 was 105.5 and July 24, 106.

The Red and White, piggly Wiggly and lundquist’s kittenball teams emerged victorious in games of the city league as the second half season got underway. Piggly Wiggly trounced the Firemen 9-5. Red and White defeated the courthouse team 27-1. Lundquist’s team defeated Davidson’s team 21-13.

Playground activities have been handicapped by the intense heat but have nevertheless included quite a variety of activities during the past week. About 35 boys went to Pickerel Lake for a swim.

100 years ago
July 22, 1915

The parties who have been shooting holes in and otherwise mutilating mail boxes on Rural Route No. 4 are known to me and I have sufficient evidence available to convict them of the offense charged. You are doubtless not aware that the penitentiary is staring you in the face and that the United States statute provides a penalty of three years imprisonment and a heavy fine for the violation.

Eighth grade commencement exercises will be at the opera house in Webster July 28. This year’s graduating class is one of the largest in the history of the county. The purpose in holding these exercises is to rejoice with these students in their success and encourage them to greater attainments. We also desire to encourage the younger pupils to persevere in their efforts.

Ole Thoreim arrived from Bergen, Norway. He had heard about the wonderful crop prospect in Day County and came several thousand miles to insure his crop. Thoreim moved back to Norway with his family about three years ago, but he still owns a farm in Raritan Township. He will remain here visiting old friends and looking after the crop. The boat on which he came over was stopped in mid-ocean by a German vessel and given a rigid inspection, but as nothing of an incriminating nature was found, it was allowed to continue its journey.