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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Nineteen seventeen


Courthouse construction complete

15 years ago
August 12, 2002

Take Me Out to the Ball Game may be a more familiar tune in Webster after Webster Diamond Club received a plaque and $5,000 grant before the start of the Minnesota Twins game Aug. 5.

Waubay Wildlife Refuge exhibitors room at the refuge has a new look and displays for people to come and see. The last time the displays were done was in 1987 and since then not only has Day County changed because of flooding, so has the refuge.

Webster Elementary students will have something new on the playground as a crew of volunteers set up equipment Aug. 8. Concrete was poured, mesh put down to control weeds and wood chips placed around the equipment.

25 years ago
August 10, 1992

Webster city officials took the first step in possibly constructing a new building to house a library, fire department and city offices during the regular monthly city council meeting.

An estimate of $128,800 was received for making the Day County Courthouse totally accessible to the handicapped.

The exterior of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Webster has been undergoing a face-lift the past few weeks. The crew is tuck pointing, cleaning and repairing and weather proofing the stone. It is the first major work to the exterior since the church was built in the early 1950s.

50 years ago
August 9, 1967

A third meeting of Webster Creamery Company patrons to discuss the proposed expansion program of installing cheese manufacturing facilities and its connection with the future of the dairy industry in the area will be held.

About 50 parents and friends attended a program of the Head Start class at Roslyn to become further acquainted with the program. Purpose of the program is to give preschool children experiences and insight into a variety of activities and acquaint them with what school is like.

The Day County Fair will open with 4-H registration and close with two performances by Myron Floren. There will also be exhibits, judging, a 4-H livestock auction, two rodeos, stock car races and home talent show. An addition is the Yelduz Shrine horse patrol to the parade on main street prior to the rodeo.

75 years ago
August 13, 1942

A group of 11 young women from the Peabody Hospital School of Nursing doffed nurse costumes after hours and donned slacks to help alleviate the harvest labor shortage. Testifying to previous farm experience, they shocked eight acres of oats in one hour one evening.

Edgar McFadden, government plant breeder formerly of North Webster but now of College Station, TX was the speaker at the meeting of the Kiwanis. He took for his subject the development of flax as a crop in Texas. He estimated that Texas grew about 12,000 acres of flax in contrast to Day County’s 40,000.

The quota of bonds to be bought by us in Day County for the month of August is $49,800, slightly over last month’s quota which we were able to slightly oversubscribe. We should be an easier month in which to accomplish this than last month and I urge upon you all the necessity of doing your part to reach this goal.

100 years ago
August 9, 1917

Owing to the fact that he is himself subject to the draft, Lew Potter, who has been serving as clerk of the Day County Draft Board was forced to resign under the ruling of Provost Marshall Crowder. The appointment must be made by the president and as official notice has not yet been received the mailing of the notices have been unavoidably delayed, as both the chairman and the clerk of the board must sign the notices. L.H. Woodworth is mentioned for the position and will without doubt receive the appointment.

Repairs on the opera house block are in progress for the reception of the Security Bank fixtures. This enterprising institution will soon move into the old Nerger Store, occupying the front half of the room. Carpenters and masons are now working on the vault which will be located about midway in the room. In order to provide an acceptable vault, concrete sidewalls with a brick arch surmounted by a foot floor of concrete must be constructed in the basement.

The county board of commissioners in session at Webster took up some unfinished business relative to the improvements on the Day County Courthouse. The construction work is finished now and practically paid for. The total cost is approximately $17,000. The interior is as beautiful and permanent as is usually seen in more costly buildings and the decorations harmonize and are in excellent taste.

125 years ago
August 11, 1892

A local newspaper is often accused of bias in regard to mentioning the comings and goings of some and omitting others but he is always willing to tell who comes and goes but a country newspaper cannot afford to have scores of salaried reporters. If you have visitors let us know who they are and where they are from; if anything happens in your vicinity let us know about it; if there is a party let us know the names of those present; if you get married let us know; if you die come and tell us about it. If you die, never mind coming to tell us, one devil is all that’s necessary in a well regulated printing office and we are supplied.