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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Eighteen ninety-one

New tobacco and cigar store opens

15 years ago
December 10, 2011

Webster School Board members revisited the idea of a new school with a new architect from the same architectural firm, Spitznagel and Darwin Reider; same fiscal agent as on previous projects at a special meeting.

More than 40 Bristol parents, residents, school staff and board members met to discuss forming a sports co-op with another school district.

Webster opened their basketball season with a win at home beating Warner 55-50. Roslyn opened their season with a 59-30 win over Summit.

25 years ago
December 9, 1991

Starting next year, people should be able to take items to the Day County landfill for recycling. Day County commissioners are planning to establish a collection day one day a month at the landfill.

Teresa Axness was named Roslyn’s Senior Snow Queen and Amy Gronke was named Junior Snow Queen.

Webster wrestlers started the season with two wins and a loss at the Madison Triangular. The Bearcats beat Deuel 46-25 and Plankinton 54-21 but lost to Madison 46-20.

50 years ago
December 7, 1966

Day County may not grow the largest deer or the most, but Floyd Schmig, rural Webster shot one during the deer season that would probably rate near the top locally. He was one of 320 county residents who had deer licenses. The eight point whitetail dressed out at 207 lbs.

Gloria Baule, Pierpont was crowned queen at the Snow Queen and talent contest at the Pierpont School auditorium.

Plans are being completed for the dedication service for the new Christ the King Catholic Church. Bishop Lambert Hoch, D.D. of the Sioux Falls diocese will officiate at the special service when the church will be dedicated and the altar consecrated. The dedication was scheduled in October but due to a delay in the arrival of the altar the dedication was postponed.

75 years ago
December 11, 1941

A public dance to raise funds for a milk fund in both Webster Public and St. Otto’s schools will be staged under the sponsorship of the Business and Professional Women’s club. Funds are sufficient to send it off to a good start. Milk-fund bottles have been placed in Webster stores and public support will be appreciated in contributing change to this fund.

A surprise attack by Japan upon the Hawaiian Islands at dawn Sunday and a declaration of war against the United States early today, by Germany and Italy, brings a full-fledged conflict with the Axis powers to this country.

Conforming to policies adopted elsewhere in the defense emergency, two Webster plants have been ordered to “clamp down” on public visitors. The light plant of the Northwestern Public Service will henceforth not admit the general public in its engine room and the Dakota Central Telephone Company will not permit visitors except in the business office.

100 years ago
December 7, 1916

The basketball quint representing Webster High School accompanied by nearly half a hundred rooters, invaded Bristol and managed to count enough baskets to insure themselves of another victory. The Webster team were pitted against men superior in height and weight but lacked the knowledge of the indoor game as the Bristol boys are having their first year of basketball but they have the makings of a good team. The final score was 42-8 in favor of Webster.

The people of Webster have a momentous question to settle at the polls. On the surface of it the question is “Shall the school board be authorized to issue additional bonds for the erection of a modern school building” but in reality is practically a question of “Shall we have a modern school building, affording the youth of Webster the same advantages which other communities offer?”

There is an unprecedented display of holiday goods in the businesses of Webster for holiday trade of 1916. The goods and arrangement at the various stores certainly reflect an artistic taste and are a credit to the business men, expressing the true Christmas spirit of good cheer.

125 years
December 10, 1891

It always affords us pleasure to note the establishment of a new enterprise in our midst. We refer to the wholesale and retail tobacco and cigar store opened in the rooms formerly occupied by the Citizens Bank. The salesroom is fully supplied with a large stock of smoking and chewing tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes and everything pertaining to the trade. The factory, which has been established here for the last three years is located in the rear of the retail department.

John Sutler came down and Dr. Peabody removed a portion of his thumb. John was untying some stock and one of them jerked when his thumb was mixed up in the knot and yanked off the first joint.

A man that is well-dressed is upon the best of terms with himself, a state of mind calculated not only to inure to physical and mental well-being but to enhance his pride of citizenship and to spur him on to higher aims and loftier purposes.