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Northwest Salmon


Historic Events

Nineteen sixty-six

Cornerstone laid at new Catholic church

15 years ago
July 23, 2001

A couple of weeks ago, Day County decided to purchase its first vehicle dedicated to emergency search and rescue. Chief Deputy Jeff Schmidt traveled to Huron to pick up an Army-surplus Humvee for the county’s emergency and disaster office. The vehicle was purchased for $6,900 through a FEMA program.

People interested in Webster’s economic development are using a state program to advertise empty commercial and industrial work space through the internet. During the last few weeks, Bob Kazmierski, Day County economic development coordinator, has collected information on unused industrial and commercial properties in Webster for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Scott and Ann Thorson will move their home from its present location between Bristol and Andover to Groton to make way for the new Dakota Expressway. The Eastern Dakota Expressway stands as a massive highway project for the state. In south Dakota’s northeastern corner, plans are underway to complete a four-lane highway between Aberdeen and Interstate 29. Other portions will run between Pierre and Interstate 90 and between Huron and Mitchell.

25 years ago
July 22, 1991

Johnny Christianson, a resident of Sun Dial Manor, occasionally plays with the Pantry Six band in Bristol. He joined Lawrence Welk’s orchestra in 1930 and was with Welk for eight years and played with one of the hottest bands of its day as saxophonist with Benny Goodman’s band before directing his own band until 1965.

A salute to Day County Desert Storm veterans, turtle races and a community carnival will be new events at the Day County Fair. A Trauma One helicopter from Sioux Valley Hospital will also be at the fair, weather permitting.

A dramatic home run by Eric Tvinnereim in the 11th inning, outstanding defensive plays, a spirited effort by pitcher Shad Brown for 11 innings and a team effort carried the Webster Legion to a 6-5 win over Sisseton for the first district baseball championship for the Legion in seven years.

50 years ago
July 20, 1966

Cornerstone laying ceremonies of the new St. Otto’s Church are July 24. The ceremonies will consist of the blessing of a granite slab and behind the stone will be placed a copper box containing articles for future generations. Items include three newspapers dated June 1888, the original list of parishioners and a letter from the cornerstone laying of July 2, 1888 of the old church.

Private First Class Michael Jackson, who was killed in action in Viet Nam last March was posthumously honored when his mother Hilda Thennis, Waubay was presented with a Purple Heart. Jackson was the first and only known Day County fatality of the war at last report.

Possibility of an outbreak of anthrax, dreaded cattle disease, was reported by authorities in Day County. Vaccine ordered for treatment was supposed to arrive on a bus yesterday but authorities reported it missed the bus. The sheriff’s office was contacted and the vaccine was relayed from Huron by the highway patrol.

75 years ago
July 24, 1941

Chimney sweep Robert Downing, Aberdeen, wearing his tyrolean hat with a flower at the peak, a red bandanna round his neck and a pack upon his back, has been keeping the chimneys of Webster drawing well for 32 years. Young despite his 61 years, he has become a familiar figure through his regular visits since 1909. He makes his journeys by train and carries a tent and his tools in a pack on his back.

Anyone having old aluminum is asked to contribute to national defense by leaving it in the receptacle set up for cast-off aluminum in the vacant space north of the Hammerbacher Implement Company on the east side of Main St.

Work on the WPA sidewalk project will close down shortly during harvest, according to officials in charge. Work now in progress south of Security Bank will be completed before the lay-off which is expected to last about 15 days.

100 years ago
July 20, 1916

Lars Fiksdal was in Roslyn and closed a deal whereby he sold the Lars J. Fiksdal Company’s interest in Roslyn – real estate, building, stock, fixtures and goods – to Henry Baukol, the former manager.

The Luther League of the Swedish Lutheran Church has taken upon itself the obligation of paying for the stained glass windows in the new church. The valiant undertaking will mean great activity, hard work and deep thought.

There will be services at the St. John’s Norwegian Lutheran Church Sunday morning and evening and services at Bristol at 3 p.m. in the Norwegian language.

125 years ago
July 23, 1891

There will be a match game of baseball on the Webster diamond between a picked nine from north Webster and the local team. The knowing ones say our boys will have plenty of work on hand and will have to play ball from first to finish.

A number of young people were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Smail at their home on Codfish Ave. by a cobweb party. The scheme is to take the number of balls of string that you have guests, start from a given point and proceed to manufacture a cobweb by tangling them up in fixtures in the house, the fence, trees and shrubbery of the yard. The prizes are attached to the end of the strings, each guest takes a string and proceeds to find the other end by winding it into a ball and when the plan is properly carried out they have a picnic. Ice cream and cake were served and the remainder of the evening spent at games and conversation.

The leaders of both bands say the boys would furnish lots more music if they had a bandstand. What do you say?