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Cancer patients don’t enjoy their

disease for the medications

Dear Editor:

When you print an item such as Mr. Erku’s column in the Feb. 1, 2016 issue of the Reporter & Farmer, I feel highly offended. I assure you the motive behind my three-year-old grandson’s cancer treatments (which began when he was not yet two) is not to secure high-powered drugs. Of the many, many people who have cancer, I know no one who enjoys that diagnosis. There’s nothing funny about people having cancer or being afflicted with any other medical condition.

The whole article was insulting, derogatory and sarcastic. Mr. Erku slammed a broad spectrum of individuals – except journalists. Are they above his critique? Such sick “humor” does not belong in a respectable newspaper. A better receptacle would have been a trash can. One of those “no-brainer” decisions for sure.

Concerning your “Use and Lose Law” discussion with Darrell Solberg, perhaps drug-testing should be required of everybody. Then, no matter what taxpayer-paid benefit we want to utilize, no discrimination would exist. New jobs would be created to meet that requirement. This matter would include no exemptions and failing the test would automatically put the person into treatment. A win-win situation. After all, we already mandate driver’s licenses, vehicle and health insurances, certain vaccinations for school children, etc. Furthermore, anyone who engages in sports must play by the rules or be excluded from the game. It’s not that much of a stretch to apply that principle to this issue.

Beverly Jo Zubke, Waubay



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