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Reader weighs in on ‘outer space’ issue

Dear Editor:

In my opinion the Wika and Wyman letters to the editor in the previous several weeks, to say the least, were encroaching on good Ole and Lena space.

One letter to the editor was in outer space, the other required a thesaurus. Oh, by the way, I didn’t take the time to research the thesaurus, which in any case, I don’t have or need. (At least up to this point.)

Thesaurus is a book of words or information about a particular field or set of concepts, (to interpret) from Webster’s Collegiate dictionary.

Harlan Lagge, Webster


Deputies express appreciation to county for time in service

Dear Editor:

To the citizens of Day County, Jake and I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to serve you as deputies with the sheriff’s office. It came as quite a shock to find out Dec. 2 that we are being fired as of Jan. 1. The reason I was given is that the county commissioners felt that we were a liability to the county. The sheriff told me that he was told that if we were not fired, the commission would withhold the money to pay for our positions from the sheriff’s budget; but if we were gone, they would give him the money.

We are still in a state of shock from what has happened, but would like to say that it has been a privilege to serve the citizens of Day County. We may not have always agreed with each other, but I hope we treated you with respect. It is with great sadness and bewilderment that we have to say goodbye.

Jim Houser, Jake McGrath, Webster


Fiksdal Funeral Home

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