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Pay attention to failed politics and corruption

Dear Editor:
People should not ignore the truth and continue to vote for failed policies and corruption. With a big, dark cloud hanging over their heads, let’s look at some of the accomplishments or lack of, of the Rounds/daugaard administration.
•Spearheaded the failed Northern Beef Packing plant in Aberdeen, which has cost people millions.
•Implemented EB-5 but their political involvement, directions and participation leads to the suspicion of corruption. This program not only cost investors and tax payers millions, it has led to lawsuits, continued unanswered questions, an alleged suicide and the distrust of people in our state government.
•Seven out of the eight years their administration had a structural deficit (more expenses than revenue) so they took money out of the reserve funds to balance the budget.
•Actions that earmarked South Dakota as one of the top 10 most corrupt states in the United States.
•Lack of government openness and transparency, which leads to questionable practices; pay to play by rewarding their contributors with favors; tax rebates for oil pipelines; no bid contracts and governance at will.
•Increased the number of state employees of which many were relatives or friends.
•Failure to properly fund education causing a teacher shortage and leaving our teachers last in the nation in pay, $8,000 lower than North Dakota the next lowest state and kept the state near the bottom in state funding of education.
•Under their leadership South Dakota college graduates have one of the highest educational debts upon graduation, forcing many to leave SD for better paying jobs.
•Use of state airplanes for attending Pierre High School football games with friends accompanying him while his son played. It went on until a concerned citizen exposed this habit and caused a public outcry to change this action.
People may try to duck issues and ignore their actions, but we must hold them accountable. When a person is hired it’s usually based on past accomplishments, not the lack of them. Lets not allow continued corruption to become a standard in SD.
Darrell Solberg, former Day County resident, Sioux Falls

South Dakota’s tradition with Big Oil’s partner

Dear Editor,
South Dakota has a tradition of successfully challenging big oil’s partner, EPA. My brother was a legislator in 1985 when Gov. Janklow and the legislature began an AP reported “sharp” turn in SD rural policy. They courageously challenged big oil and EPA’s rhetoric claiming 10 percent ethanol will ruin engines and SD would be sued if it implemented a proposed petroleum pipeline tax to support building a SD ethanol industry. That legislation built our ethanol industry and is the cornerstone our number one rated business climate stands on.
The SD Corn Growers Assn. challenged EPA’s “It’s illegal and will ruin engines” rhetoric to successfully introduce the nation’s first flexible fuel vehicle. The nationally recognized, popular auto was basically an unmodified 1988 Corsica with E85 painted on the doors.
My local cooperative at Britton successfully challenged EPA’s rhetoric “E85 blender pumps are illegal.” We stood alone when installing the nation’s first E85 blender pump as EPA intimidated political and commodity leaders causing them to endorse EPA rhetoric that blenders were illegal. Rhetoric did not overrule law and soon blenders were across the nation opening new markets for ethanol by dispensing lower cost, popular, high octane, premium blend E30 to standard auto owners. This caused big oil’s EPA to double down on old fraudulent myths: 1. It’s illegal to put E30 in standard autos, 2. E30 will damage standard auto engines.
A recent gubernatorial debate question went something like: Will you put state owned standard autos on E30 to challenge EPA myths that built the ethanol blend wall and will cost the SD the economy hundreds of millions annually? Susan wismer answered she would expose EPA’s myths by putting state owned standard vehicles on E30. Gov. Daugaard’s nonanswer was “No” meaning he abandons SD’s tradition of crushing EPA myths that exploit our SD economy.
Owen Jones, Britton

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