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PAX exchange student expresses gratitude for time spent in Webster

To the Editor:

My name is Amelia Ivars and I'm from Sweden. sponsored by PAX (program of Academic exchange), I have been an exchange student this year, attending Webster Area High School and living with Ron and Nancy Block.

I arrived last August, and as the school year comes to its end - so does my stay here. I am writing to you to express my gratitude to everyone who helped make this year such a great experience.

First I appreciate my host parents Ron and Nancy Block, for opening up their home and sharing this year with me. They have both truly been wonderful in making sure my stay has been enjoyable and rich with learning and experiences. And Hannah as well, who made it considerably easier for me to adapt into the American high school system in Webster. I will always be grateful for everything you, as a family, did for me.

I appreciate everyone at Webster Area High School, especially all my teachers who really made my lessons as enjoyable as it can get - you're doing an amazing job! And the coaches of volleyball, basketball, track and field. I really appreciate how you taught me everything I know in each of the sports. It can be hard to learn a completely new sport, but you did an amazing job at teaching me.

I also appreciate my PAX community coordinator Vic-ki Moser, who arranged my placement here. She found me a great host family and high school. If any families would like to host an exchange student next year - call Vicki at (605) 439-3656.

Finally, I am grateful to the people of Webster and the members of St. John’s Church - for welcoming me into the community and for the interest you've shown in me and my country. This little town in South Dakota, and its people, is very special in ways you might not realize – but I will always remember you. I hope other exchange students will have the same opportunities I've had here in Webster.

Amelia Ivars,

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