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Dear Editor:

Having grown up on a farm in the Roslyn/Eden area and subscribing to the Reporter & Farmer for the years since I’ve moved to Minneapolis, I read with interest the front page article about the demolition of the Ros­lyn Meat Market. However, it was very disappointing that there was no mention of Tubby and Craig Schmidt, who bought the Meat Market from Bob Coyne and ran it as a thriving business for 35 years. It was an anchor business in Roslyn all that time, and people depended on the Meat Market to process their livestock and deer and buy meat, sausage and produce. It was sad to see it torn down, but I appreciate Tubby and Craig for providing a true service to the community in keeping the Meat Market going for such a long time.

Rita Holland
Rogers, MN


Reader shares memories of fire

Dear Editor:

I read with interest in the June 13 issue the mention of the fire which occurred in Ros­lyn in Nov. 1964. I was living in Roslyn at the time, but was away the day of the fire. I returned before 10 that evening and saw what had happened. Martin Hovland was in his Gambles Hardware on the same side of the street as the fire and several men were with him discussing what had taken place.
So his store was spared, as well as Elmer Vevang’s barbershop and the bank on the south corner. My recollection is that three businesses were burned up, a meat market, hardware and tavern. Naturally, this was a big loss to those involved.
I remember C.J. Coyne, Bob’s father and also Bob. C.J. Coyne was postmaster when I came to Roslyn in 1963. I believe we called him “Connie.”

Raynard Huglen
Newfolden, MN

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