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Where’s the landowner respect tour?
Dear Editor,

The special session is over. It’s time for the landowner respect tour.

The governor, state legislature and sportsmen need to get out and sell the grand compromise.

What does it hold for the landowner affected?

If he has fish on his flooded land, under the law to maintain control of his property he must post. Currently it is at the landowner’s expense.

If he receives any financial compensation for granting access to fish he faces a Class 1 misdemeanor charge. Remember the landowner suffered the loss and pays the taxes. Everyone else can do business.

The supporters of this law will probably assure the landowner they have made a great sacrifice for the good of the state, sportsmen and business community.

They will be informed if in need of income they can only do business with the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department. It’s a pretty good chance they will have to surrender control of their property.

For those of us with nonmeandered bodies of water, without fish, what little surprises are in this bill for us?

It looks like a great day for the landowner. Subject to criminal penalty and forced to do business with a monopoly. Is that the modern version of respect?
Roger Schuller, Claremont


Residents notice efforts to clean up community
Dear Editor,

The person or persons who cleaned up the area down by the railroad track, “Well done.” It was such an “eye sore” for so long.

To the people in town who are working hard to clean up their yards and houses, our city is looking good. Keep it up.

To the city crew who provided a great service by the citywide cleanup and removing the branches from the ice storm. We are grateful.

It was very much appreciated.
Bob and Sharon Schmidt, Webster


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