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Americans stand before the

flag, don’t condemn

Dear Editor:

Today there is a lot of discussion about people kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events. I learned at an early age that we defend the United States flag, we honor our flag and we stand with our flag. We believe all men are created equal, after that what we become and who we are is what we make of ourselves. An American’s self-respect dictates their respect for others and what they hold true in their hearts. True Americans, we stand in front of our flag, beside our flag and we stand behind our flag. However, we cannot and should not condemn those that feel a need to kneel before our Stars and Stripes. Throughout time men have kneeled before people (kings, queens, emperors and papal society) and idols to show their unworthiness and to ask for acceptance. Knowing a person’s self-respect also reflects their feelings for their station in life and in society.

I, myself will never kneel or sit before Old Glory, because of self-pride and respect for myself and my flag. I will stand beside, I will fight for and defend her. For those that wish to display their feelings for our flag by kneeling, remember where your lips are and that’s where you chose them to be.

Chuck Aleck,


Neighbors are important,

don’t forget yours

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in regards to the National Good Neighbor Day. I think it is an excellent idea because neighbors are important. I want to avoid hard feelings.

After having two surgeries last summer, I was quite weak. I appreciate my neighbors for blowing snow, mowing the yard and taking care of the garbage and other helpful items; I was able to get by. I would like to nominate several. I also fell and injured a lung and cracked a rib. Now I’m on oxygen.

Wayne Nelson, Bruce Spindler and Toni Brown all performed these tasks without pay. How could I nominate just one?

I am grateful and God bless you all.

David A. Johnson,


Never forget 9/11

Dear Editor:

I want to commend the United Methodist Church, Webster for the American flags they put out to observe 911. It shows respect fo the victims of 911. May God bless you and God bless America.

Erma Knutson,


4-H’er reflects on past year,

National 4-H Week Oct. 2-8

Dear Editor:

The Day County 4-H and the State Fair are both done. All the projects are put away, the show boxes are cleaned out and the animals are out to pasture. What does this time mean for a 4-H member? Finishing record books… a journal of the years’ 4-H activities, projects, goals, financial report, pictures and plans for next year.

As I reflect on this past year and previous, I smile as I realize how lucky I am to be involved in an organization that has impacted my life in so many ways. Yes, I have learned many life skills being in 4-H: cooking, sewing, quilting, baking, art glass – the list is endless. I love having learned all those skills and I am incredibly grateful for the honors I have earned in all the areas. But, what means the most to me as a 4-H member is having a second family, a place that I fit in and being part of something that I am always welcome.

Every aspect of 4-H has provided me unlimited open doors of opportunity for the present, but will no doubt impact my future. 4-H has not only encouraged me to set limitless goals, but also taught me how to plan and work hard to achieve those goals, with good people that care about me, helping and guiding me along the way. 4-H has encouraged and guided me to find my power, potential and life passions. I am the fourth generation in my family to participate in South Dakota 4-H.

I am so honored to share the love for this amazing organization with my family. There are numerous ways 4-H Youth Development has impacted my life and I plan to continue to be part of the program, even after I graduate. I will be a 4-H leader, sharing the skills I have learned and volunteering my time and resources to youth. I will forever pledge my head, heart, hands and health to my club, my community, my country and my world.

Allison Duerre,
Day County Junior Leaders President, Nine Year Member of SD 4-H, Two Year Member of SD 4-H Youth Council




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