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Reporter & Farmer photo by Amanda Fanger
Descendants of A.O. Sorbel stand around the family graves at the Webster Cemetery south of town Sept. 28 with presenter Arley Fadness, second from right. From left are Sorbel’s descendants, grandson Herbert Sorbel, great-granddaughter Connie Nielson, great-grandson Jim Sorbel and far right is granddaughter Dorothy (Sorbel) Nielson.

Man kept his part in history secret

by Amanda Fanger

Guns were blazing, people running in fear, man and horse alike falling to their death as bullets struck flesh.

Such was the panic caused by the James and Younger brothers gang in 1876 when they robbed the First National Bank in Northfield, MN. Who knows to what extent the terror the group would have continued to raise across the midwest had they not been stopped by a then teenager who later came to settle in Day County. Despite such heroic actions …

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Bearcats snatch first NEC title since 1973

by Emre K. Erku

Nineteen seventy three.

That was the last time Webster Area Bearcats’ mens cross country runners won the NEC title. Forty two years later, the honor is now back in Bearcat land.

Although conditions were cold upon Webster’s public golf course Oct. 8, the Bearcats were ...

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Fiksdal Funeral Home

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