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Reporter & Farmer photo by Emre K. Erku
THE JAWS OF LIFE: This here’s the “spreader” – a powerful clamp that can pry open the impenetrable during life and death situations. It is one of three main components – others are the “cutter” and “ram” – of the Jaws of Life, a hydraulic rescue tool used by emergency services around the country. Holding the spreader inside the Webster Fire Department garage Nov. 24 is Webster Fire Department Volunteer Jeff Smidt as fellow fireman Leonard Deibert feeds the tool 10,500 psi of pressure. The device runs on vegetable oil and has saved 75 lives in Day County since it became a member of the department back in 2000. If drivers don’t operate their vehicles accordingly with the weather, this may be the device that can save your life. Every ES official would rather not find themselves in a situation where it has to be used. Without it, it may take twice as much time for ES officials to complete a rescue.l.


ALCO going out of business

by Amanda Fanger

Webster will be among nearly two dozen communities in the Dakotas affected by the closing of ALCO stores around the U.S.

According to a report by the Associated Press Nov. 21, the Texas-based small-town discount retailer was given approval by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Dallas to approve an order by the company’s creditors to shut down. That decision was reached Nov. 20

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Webster lady basketballers to push their attack this year

by Emre K. Erku

Last season they were Class A Region 1 champions and placed seventh in the state tourney, producing an overall record of 15-9, with a conference record of 7-2. Head coach Jared Vergeldt plans to use his team’s quickness and athleticism to allow this upcoming season to be a reflection of the past.

“I expect us to be pretty tough this year,” he noted. “We will be quicker and ...

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Fiksdal Funeral Home

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