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The Student Exchange of 2008!

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We sent students, they sent students. It was an exchange!

Webster’s students who traveled to Dewangen with Dewangen students who will come to Webster are front from left Martin Schurr, Steffen Abele, Brittany Somsen, Jessica Schiley and Lea Abele; back row Lukas Hertlein, Michael Dulitz, Adam Suhr, Ryan Rumpca and Katja Reeb.
Listening as their guide explains how the school system in Germany differs from that of America during a tour of the technical school in Aalen are Brittany Somsen, Lea Abele, Jessica Schiley, Katja Reeb, Lukas Hertlein, Adam Suhr, Ryan Rumpca and Kari Bartling-Somsen.
Brittany Somsen, right and Jessica Schiley answer questions posed by young Dewangen students at their school.
Brittany Somsen, Jessica Schiley and Ryan Rumpca enjoy a snack before touring the concentration camp at Dachau.
Tower of Ulm Minster
Get ready to dance August 24...
Students dancing at the farewell party the night before their return to Webster. Clockwise are Steffen Abele, Jessica Schiley, Katja Reeb, Martin Schurr, Adam Suhr, Lea Abele (partially hidden) Brittany Somsen and Ryan Rumpca.
Students, chaperones, host families and friends gathered at Dewangen’s hiking club for a meal after a day trip to Neuschwanstein and Austria.
Brittany Somsen and Lea Abele check out some of the latest pictures at the farewell party.
Neresheim Monastery ceiling
Ryan Rumpca and Michael Dulitz photographing the Neresheim Monastery ceiling.
Waiting at the airport to get to Germany and meet their new parents are front left, Brittany Somsen, Jessica Schiley; back Ryan Rumpca, Michael Dulitz and Adam Suhr.

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