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The Student Exchange of 2010!

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We sent students, they sent students. It was an exchange!

To see photos from Germany, CLICK HERE!

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The German end of the Dewangen-Webster Friendship Exchange arrived here last week when seven students and their chaperones came to town. Pictured front row left are Lea Abele, Sonja Sturm, Carina Baumgartl and Julia Raberg; back row Catherine Abele, Franz Abele, Herman “The German” Lessle, Stephen Abele, Lukas Koch, Adrian Thebrath, Ali Kocak and Julian Kuklinski. photo by George Thompson

Student exchange arrives in Webster

by George Thompson
Seven Dewangen area students and their chaperones are visiting as part of the 2010 sister city exchange.
This is the third year for the exchange that sees Webster students visiting Dewangen and Dewangen students coming here. The kids have host homes and their parents in turn host visiting students.
This group left Germany on Aug. 18 and depart Sept. 1. While here they toured the Black Hills and saw a number of sights including Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, the Badlands, Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood and made a side trip to Wyoming.
Closer to home they visited the Hutterite Colony near Britton, got a chance to drive a combine and tractors at local farms. They also got to see a Norwegian Fjord horse farm and have side trips planned to the lake, Watertown museums, Wylie Park in Aberdeen and they will spend time at the high school on Monday and Tuesday.
The seven students, three girls and four boys, range in age from 16-18 and have one or two years left of high school.
The girls when asked what they liked about this country offered some interest perspectives.
“I really like it here,” said Carina Baumhartl, a 16 year old from Huttlingen. “It’s amazing to see the American lifestyle, to see how people live and meet them and make new friends.”
“Everything is different from Germany,” said Julia Ruberg, an 18 year old from Dewangen, “but I like it.”
“I love the different places we’ve seen but if you want to have a party you have to go to Germany,” added Sonja Sturm, an 18 year old from Dewangen.
“It’s been a lot of fun,” said Ali Kocak, a 17 year old from Hofen, “seeing different culture and lifestyle.”
“It’s different from German,” noted Adrian Thebrath a 17 year old from Dewangen. “Germany is a small country with many more people packed in.”
“It’s a further between things,” Lukas Uoch, an 18 year old from Huttlingen.
All of the students enjoyed the trip to the Black Hills. The boys enjoyed the opportunity to drive a combine while on a visit to Day County Sales & Service and tractors at the Johnson Brothers Farms. Two of the girls enjoyed playing golf.
On the question of how is the food, the consensus was that it’s different but good.
“All of the people here eat a lot of fast food,” remarked Carina, “but Americans aren’t fat.”
“There’s too much sugar in the pizza,” observed Lukas.
It’s different, but I like it,” added Adrian.
All seven give Americans a thumbs-up for being friendly and courteous and say they hope to come back again.
“The adults are different from Germany,” Ali. “They’re very friendly and everybody knows and greets each other. That doesn’t happen in German and it’s kind of cool.
The boys said their only gripe is the drinking. In Germany they are able to consume alcohol, but on the other they liked the idea of being able to drive at age 14 in South Dakota – some thing that won’t happen in their home country.

WHS students are excited to be bound for Dewangen

webster exchange


by George Thompson
Five Webster juniors were named Dewangen Student Exchange scholars and have the opportunity to visit Germany this summer.
Taylor Huwe, Ashley Keller, Brett Steiner, Shelby Brown and Lacey Fosheim were selected as this year’s recipients of a trip to Dewangen, Germany, Webster’s sister city. Steve Brooks and Kelli Meland will also be traveling with the group.
Webster mayor and committee member Mike Grosek said this year’s trip slated for late July will be for about two weeks.
The exchange program was the brainchild of a local committee, many of whom were founders of the sister city program. They felt the global relationship between the two towns needed to be taken to the next level by the youth in both communities. Their solution was to create the student program.
To win a trip each student had to write an essay on what friendship meant to them and their community.
The winners were selected from 15 unidentified entries judged by committee members and they are shocked by the prospects.
The kids are looking forward to this experience. Some of the destinations they are looking forward to are side trips to Dachau, Munich and maybe even Berlin.
Previous students have told them they can expect a warm welcome in Dewangen, “the food is great except McDonalds,” and theyve been advised “this is a trip of a lifetime.”
For most of these kids the trip will be the first time they’ve ever been out of the country.
To prepare for the essay the winners surfed the net for a better understanding of the country. Some have taken German classes and they are looking forward to texting with their host families once they’ve been assigned one.
All five said they were motivated in part to apply for these scholarships because of the interaction with several previous Webster students who have made the trip.
The students would also like to thank everyone who made this trip possible and they plan to do some fund raising on their own.
A Jim Kading Memorial scholarship was established two years ago. This year’s winner is Taylor Huwe. The committee is also working to build other perpetual scholarships to allow Webster High School juniors to spend a week in Dewangen each summer.
Anyone interested in sponsoring or helping to sponsor a scholarship can contact one of the committee members.
Grosek is headed to Germany in late March and will work out some of the logistics for this trip as well as promote Dewangen’s program to send kids over here.
The committee has been putting things together for the last 12 months and have enough funds raised to take care of this year’s expenses.
The group sponsored a run during Pumpkinfest last year and again this fall. They’re also planning another another run during this spring’s health fair and doing something during the Tour de Kota bicycle stop here this summer.
“We’re working on making this a perpetual thing,” Grosek said who noted the city is sponsoring one of the students this year. “The idea behind this program is to promote friendship between the youth in both communities. We would like to pass this friendship spirit on to our youth.
If anyone is interested in getting involved in the Webster-Dewangen Friendship Committee they can contact Robert Kwasniewski, Grosek, John or LeAnn Suhr.


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