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Northwest Salmon


Germany Trip 2006

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Checkpoint Charlie

Tony, Jim and Mike read display at Checkpoint Charlie

Pam, LeAnn, Jim, Betsy, Mike at Aberdeen airport before heading out

Memorial Church, Berlin

Artwork inside Memorial Church, pieced back together

Modern sculpture with church in background

Mike listens as Tony explains he is standing in East and West Berlin

LeAnn and Betsy stand in front of Brandenberg Gate

American Embassy is heavily guarded.

Chocolate version of Memorial Church/p>

Television tower in Berlin

Mother oyster and baby oyster

Pam, Hermann, Margit, Mike, Betsy, Jim, LeAnn in front of building given to Berlin from U.S.

Remnant of Berlin Wall from the river

Andi, the birthday boy, dances with a stolen bride

Margit and Betsy study a dictionary Ė not uncommon during the visit.

Jim, Monique (partially hidden), Jutta and Mike on the dance floor

Betsy and one of Andiís nieces have a conversation

Betsy and another niece

Members of Andiís buffalo club put on a skit at the party

Some of Andiís birthday cakes in the food tent

The last picture of Andi in his 40s

Andi looks at a gift while Hermann, Tony (partially hidden), Lily and Margit look on

A group watches Andi open gifts

Jim and Jutta cut a rug

Andi and daughter Steffi with a gift from the Americans

Part of the crowd at the wrestling match, taken from a balcony

Helmut and Andi pose for the camera

Mike, Betsy, Thomas, his sister and his girlfriend

A quick snack on a ladiesí day outing

Monique, Jim, Margit

Betsy models Andiís glasses

Mike and Patrick are very close

Betsy, Silvia (tour guide), LeAnn, Pam, Hermann ready to go into the mine

Gary, a reservist gave Betsy, a guard member, a military cap

Rudi and Helmut at the photo exchange

Roland and Reinhold at the photo exchange

Tony and Wolfgang

Rudy serves another beer

Peter Abele at the photo exchange

Inge and Rosano check out a photo

Andi and daughter Carmen

Blues Sisters LeAnn and Silvia head to Munich

George and Betsy in Munich. He gave her a special cookie she has around her neck

Jim on a bad hair day

Jim doing an impression of one of his favorite mayors

Carmen and Steffi

Irwin Holl

Betsy, Patrick and Steffi at going away party

Sasha and Inge in foreground, Helmut and Roland in background at going away party

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Fiksdal Funeral Home

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