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Dewangen Signing

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This is the site for the Photos from the Dewangeng signing.

Cities of Aalen and Dewangen
THE TOWN OF AALEN picture is taken from a rescue truck bucket 95 feet in the air at their volunteer fire station. Aalen as well as Dewangen and surronding villages are serviced by a volunteer fire department and rescue units. Aalen is a town of 66,000. Behind the hills is Dewangen.
the community choir performs several songs
THE COMMUNITY CHOIR performed several songs during the April 5 friendship signing pretaining to friends and festivities.
Dancers from the Country Club perform a square dance.
DANCERS from the Country Club in Dewangen performed a square dance number at the signing ceremony.
Banner given by Webster.
MAYOR MIKE GROSEK, left, with the help of his long time friend Anton ‘Tony’ Abele unveils one of two wall hanging throw made at Creative Home Furnishings. The friendship design was given to Aalen and Dewangen to be displayed in their city hall
Tour of the Zeiss factory.
PEOPLE IN THE medical profession, photographay or anything dealing with optics are sure to have heard the name Zeiss, but few may realize they are located in Aalen, Germany. The group was able to tour many facets of the Zeiss factory and ended their tour at the museum to have a first hand look at the power and clarity of Zeiss optics. Pictured from front left are Tami Monson, Sara Paulsen, Chris Vander Linden, Gloria Sichmeller, Jochim Stephan and Stephie Holl. Second row: Mary Jean Hesla, Pat Birznieks, Nikki Hesla, Felix Abble, Mike Grosek, Colin Johnson, John Suhr and Carmen Holl. Third row: Vald Birznieks, Chuck Sichmeller, Tony Abele, Andi Holl and Jim Kading. Back row: Rob Kading and Tim Gaikowski.
Iron mine tour.
WORKING IN AN IRON mine was a tough job for those who were employed at the Tiefer Stollen iron mine. Today the mine is not only a major tourist attraction to the area but asthmatic patients from all over come to breathe the cool clean air deep inside the mine. Dressed in orange capes and hard hats the group received a history lesson on the mine, area and experienced walking through narrow caverns.
Shooting Awards
DEWANGEN’S shooting club, German National Guard and Webster group of six shooters held a competion and presented them with a trophy and certificate for their efforts. Webster came in last, but the fun and memories were a first place.
local ceramics shop
IN TOURS of the area around Dewangen, one stop was at a pottery shop for a first hand look at how ceramics are made.
The Mayor
MAYOR’S DANCE followed the signing of friendship agreement at the TSV Club April 5.
Mike Grosek dancing
MIKE GROSEK has an opportunity to dance with Lilli Abele at the groups welcoming at Black Peter’s the Lamm Restaurant.
Fachsenfeld historic castle
WHAT TRIP TO Germany would be complete without a trip to a castle and what better one than a castle so close to Dewangen? The group representing Webster and many of the host families visited Fachsenfeld historic castle which was lived in until 1992.
Acrobats from TSV
ACROBATS from TSV perform at the Friendship signing ceremony April 5.
Blowing a Roman Horn
CHRIS VANDER LINDEN blows a Roman horn at the Limes Museum in Aalen, an early fort of the Roman empire. Vander Linden along with others had an opportunity to dress in Roman clothing worn by soldiers, slaves, senators and foot soldiers of the time.
Presented with a wood shooting plate
THE POLICE CHIEF who overseas operations of Aalen, Dewangen and the entire region of 300,000 people presented the Mayor with a wood shooting plate marking Webster shooters’ attempts at the target on the police firing range. The plate was presented at the friendship signing.
Acrobats hand in hand
HAND AND HAND was a performance of acrobats showing the two cities gathered together in friendship across the globe. The group of talented youth also performed various other routines.

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