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The town of Roslyn which is situated in the northeastern part of Day County, 11 miles west of Pickerel Lake and 12 miles south of historic Fort Sisseton, traces its history from 1882 when Henry H. Russell took a homestead on the Old Fort road in Section 10, Raritan Township.

Soon after Mr. Russell established his home there, he was appointed as Roslyn's postmaster. This was the first post office between Webster and Fort Sisseton.

Some say that Russell named it Roslyn after a town in his native Scotland. While others say Roslyn was named from a combination of the names for two nearby lakes, Rosholt and Lynn.

Although the post office bearing the name was opened in 1883, the town was not platted until 1914.

One historical Roslyn building, the Roslyn Creamery, still stands today. The 4,800-square-foot brick creamery, which opened in 1926, was a farmer cooperative-owned business, famous for its Roslyn Pride butter.

In the early 1970s, the creamery stopped producing butter and converted to a bulk milk depot, complete with large stainless steel tanks.

But in 1994, the business had to shut down for good. All the equipment, stainless steel tanks included, was sold at auction. Everything, that is, except the huge redwood butter churn that was simply too large to move. To this day, it keeps guard against the north wall of the building.

Today this charming building is used as a music hall. The first Saturday of every month local musicians get together to entertain those in the audience. The public is welcome to attend and, if they desire, step up on the stage and perform.

Roslyn is also home of the International Vinegar Museum. If you visit there, you will have the opportunity to see vinegars from all over the world, taste vinegars made from all kinds of plants, see paper made from vinegar and learn how vinegar is made in factories, villages and homes all over the world. Discover all kinds of things you never knew to ask about vinegar.

The International Vinegar Festival is held every year and features cooking demonstrations, games, entertainment, vinegar tasting, a parade, museum tours, fun treats and prizes.

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