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As many towns in South Dakota, Butler is a small town that used to be the center of activity. In 1887, Harrison Butler deeded 80 acres of his land to the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Company, for a town site, asking only that the town be called Butler. The Butler Depot was built after the construction of the rail line from Lake Preston to Bristol, 1886-1887.

The year 1895 saw Butler take one giant step forward as that was the year it became incorporated as a town. The first business established in the new town was a store by George Bennett, who also had a store in Bristol. Butler’s first postmaster was Will Hart.

Butler’s Main Street in the early 1900s was a thriving avenue of business - the Butler Hotel, the Strandness Bank, the Stewart Cafe, the Potter Harness Shop, Lanagager’s Butcher Shop, and the Butler General Store, just to name a few.

Every week, the businessmen of Main Street sponsored a movie. A big screen was hung on the east end of the street, and, as soon as it was dark, a movie was shown. Families and friends would gather together to visit, see the movie and shop.

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