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Reporter & Farmer photos by Amanda Fanger
SANTA VISITS WITH KIDS ABOUT CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Three-year-old Shawn Grajczyk was the most visibly excited kid to see Santa when he walked into Northland Auto in Webster Dec. 20 with cries of Merry Christmas to all. “It’s Santa! It’s Santa!” the little boy shouted as he jumped up and down, running back and forth between the jolly man in red and his parents Scott and Michele Grajczyk. When he’d calmed down enough to actually sit on Santa’s lap for a moment, St. Nick asked him what he wanted. He told Santa about a blue four-wheeler he had at home and simply stated that he needed more gas.


Anglers beware of thin ice

by Amanda Fanger

Anglers need to be careful and use common sense when venturing forth on the ice right now. Varying weather patterns have made for poor ice conditions recently.

A Suburban and four-wheeler both went through the ice on Waubay Lake near Grenville around 11 a.m. Dec. 20 and sank to the bottom. Three individuals involved in the two separate incidents escaped without injury

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Webster Bearcats nip Tigers 60-52

by Emre K. Erku

Consistency was key for their first victory of the season as the Bearcats remained solid on both ends of the court, taking the Ipswich Tigers 60-52 Dec. 20.

Both teams implemented zone coverage early in the bout, but the Bearcats’ short game allowed them to chip in 14 points to the Tigers’ nine before the second stanza. Ipswich then came out firing away in the next quarter, putting the Bearcats ...

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Fiksdal Funeral Home

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